True Shot Coach Archery Training Aid For All Levels

True Shot Coach, Don't Choke Archery

Introduction to the True Shot Coach Archery Training Aid

Consistency is the name of the game in archery. We all do things to promote repeatability by holding to various anchor points on our face, to our stance and the way we execute our release. Yet one of the hardest places to duplicate our Archery Form is the point where the bow meets our hand. This is the foundation and breaking point of Archery Form in my opinion. Simply put, the first and last thing to touch the bow is your hand, so you can easily see the importance of proper bow hand form when you release an arrow.

Problem Solved

The True Shot Coach is a Revolutionary Archery Product that teaches new archers how to properly grip their bow, while helping even the most advanced level archers eliminate human induced riser torque caused by grip variance. By eliminating this riser torque, down range left and right arrow groups are significantly tighter. Become a better archery today!